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Sovereign Nation - Child of the ReSoulution

In 2011, Wandering Brothers Publishing released Shaka Jasper's debut novel, "Sovereign Nation" ~ Child of the ReSOULution. Most who have read it agrees that this is a profound book of high spiritual, moral, and intellectual worth. Mr. Jasper's has stated that his ultimate goal in writing is to provide people with stories that are entertaining, heartfelt and educational.

Child of the ReSOULution is the first of a series of "Sovereign Nation" novels. It follows the genealogy of a chosen child who represents change in America and African- American culture. It is filled with stories that constantly borders the precipice of friendship both initimately and nationally.

Jurist, the main character of the story, provides comprehensible guidance to those who were filtered into prisons and unable to fully assimilate into the preceived American way of life. Jurist becomes the voice of many post civil rights movement babies who were deprived of the cultural and spiritual guidance of their forefathers and mothers due to war, drugs and spiritual deprivation. When Jurist reaches his teenage years he is tutored by those who believes that through the capitalization of slavery, a nation once thought to possess godly humility and natural unity is converted into a shadow community covered in criminal apathy and preverse greed.

Life experiences quickly helps Jurist learn that manhood, knowledge and friendship are principles that are essential to his soul. Jurist reaches national exposure when he becomes affiliated with a hidden group of extremely wealthy corporate elders who seeks to restore their devastated nation of people to its lost glory. Faced with heart-break and the burdens of maturity, Jurist crusades to build community alliances while restoring the faith of an embittered people. To do this, Jurist embraces the covenant of his father as he fights historical demons. 

The Impact of employee Behaviors after Corporate Diversity Training. The intended purpose of this study was to explore and analyze the impact of employee behaviors after corporate diversity training. The heart of the problem for this study involves the identification of tools used to measure the effectiveness of diversity training, in order to determine if the training actually impacted employee behaviors in the workplace.  The research question was: What impact does corporate diversity training have on employee behaviors in the workplace? The research sub-questions will attempt to set the stage in answering what tools were used to measure the effectiveness of diversity training that proved the viability of training had impacted employee behaviors. The sub-questions were: what is diversity and diversity training; why do corporations find it imperative to conduct diversity training; what effects does diversity training have on corporate cultures and what tools of diversity training does corporate America use to measure effectiveness. An electronic survey for managers/directors and employees was used to help validate the purpose for the study. The survey document was comprised of 31qualitative questions, whereby 50 participants received electronic surveys and 40 participants’ responded. 

An analysis of the survey results proved that employee behaviors were impacted after corporate diversity training in the workplace.  The most useful tool used to measure the effectiveness of the training resulted from the employees surveys. Fifty percent of the participants selected employee surveys as the best measuring rods to measure the diversity training effectiveness. Eleven percent selected focus groups and four percent selected exit interviews as useful tools. However, thirty-five percent had noted other tools such course evaluations, emailed questionnaires, company’s Intranet system and interactive workshops as useful tools to measure the effectiveness of diversity training. Thus measuring the effectiveness of the training also resulted in feedback from the participants in relationship to change in employee behaviors in the following areas: an increase in awareness of diversity, decrease in employee conflict, an increase in employee retention/decrease in turnover, and increase in productivity/profit margins. These four areas were substantial enough to prove that employee behaviors are impacted after corporate diversity training. Overall, researchers and diversity consultant firms must continue to pursue different metrics to measure both pre and post behaviors related to participants’ level of knowledge about diversity issues, and periodically initiate follow-up programs to monitor the behavior changes.  The corporation’s strategic business goals should make diversity initiatives the core of its operation with a long-term commitment to the diversity training efforts for bottom-line sustainability.

The Cat's Got Nothing On Me is the true story of one man's quest for survival in the face of cancer, heart attacks, near plane crashes, almost drownings, and much more. Conrad Boilard tells the story of his childhood, his service in World War II, his marriage and family, and the joy his hobbies and interests have given him. He also explains how his battles - with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, heart attacks, bladder and prostate cancer, alcohol and cigarettes - were aided by humor, love, and the strength of family. This inspiring true story isn't a prescription for how to live your life - it's the thoughts of a man who's seen a lot and lived to tell about it.

I Write My Own Epitaph.

The story of an African-American's man journey from the segregated South to becoming a respected leader, mentor, family man and professional in the Philadelphia porole and probation department.


Service Management Workbook: Achieving Profit Potential In the New Millennium 

It is said that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. The goal of the new Millennium is to be prepared when opportunity arises. To achieve this goal it is The evolution of service as a valuable product has necessitated the development of the service manager. It takes increased skills to define customer needs rather than waiting for them to tell you what they want. It takes increased effort to develop a contract with a customer that includes all of their unit, parts and service needs, rather than just servicing the units that the sales department sells. Eliminating the work of scheduling regular maintenance, finding emergency repair service at any time or place, and tracking total cost of ownership is valuable to every customer, large or small. The service department in any dealership is becoming increasingly important, making your role, as manager, more complex and challenging than ever. Fewer and fewer decision-makers will determine who services their equipment. Building a strong relationship with these customers is vital to every dealership. Fleet management contracts are becoming the norm as customers outsource all functions that are not part of their core businesses. The success of these long-term, contractual relationships rests, in large part, with you and your department. The customer service that you provide, the value of your services and the cost control that you maintain will determine your dealership's success in the future. The purpose of this workbook is to prepare you for this opportunity. The Service Workbook is a tool to help you professionally manage the service department of your dealership. The view of service and the service manager that we present may be very different than the way in which you currently view your position and your department. We argue that service is increasing in its importance to customer satisfaction, and as a profit center. It is vital to look at service individually in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, expense control, and profitability. We present long-term objectives in a number of critical areas that you can use as guidelines. It will be your job to set short-term objectives based on your company's strategies and markets. This reference book is designed to be a tool regardless of your short and long-term objectives. We present methods for improving results. No matter what the size and makeup of your dealership is, this workbook will help you to achieve your performance objectives. Industrial products are increasingly viewed as commodity items and have become more price-sensitive. It is very difficult to distinguish yourself through product quality and innovation for any extended length of time. After-market services are becoming increasingly more profitable. Quality services tailored for the customer and carried out by well-trained personnel are key for your service department in today's market. Work with the customer to define their needs and the customer is yours. Providing products becomes an extension of the services you provide them. This skill and effort can pay off if, as a dealership, you are ready to make the commitment to broaden your product line. No longer are you only selling units and making a profit on parts and sales. Now you are selling service; it is a product and should provide an appropriate profit. In fact, appropriate pricing will make service the most profitable business area of the dealership, as a percent of sales.

Fleet Management.

This book has been developed for dealers and distributors solely for their use in pricing, selling, implementing, and monitoring Equipment Fleet Management business. It contains guidelines for developing Fleet Management accounts from a strategic point of view and operational tools for implementing the strategy.
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